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Versatile, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly, electric heat pumps offer exceptional benefits. With no combustion process, these systems are wonderfully clean, safe, and a great alternative to traditional heating and cooling. Take advantage of a free estimate from Titan Heating & Air and let us provide an expert installation in Tuscumbia, AL and surrounding areas. As a Carrier Dealer, we offer award-winning, Energy Star, high-efficiency models to suit every demand.

Efficient Heat Pump Installations, Repairs & Maintenance

Have you considered the added rewards of a hybrid heating system? This partnership of heat pump and furnace handles every weather extreme, from high heat and humidity to temperatures well below freezing, while minimizing energy costs. The combination maximizes the advantages of each system, including:

  • Efficiency – By moving existing heat from one place to another, heat pumps provide both heating and cooling and achieve outstanding energy efficiency ratings. When the temperature drops below freezing, the furnace becomes the better option and automatically takes over.
  • Carbon Footprint – The ability to switch between the heat pump and furnace taps into the most economical fuel source, using less energy and reducing the draw on natural resources.
  • Versatility – Hybrid heating systems are year-round solutions. The heat pump works like an air conditioner and effectively handles excess humidity, providing comfort no matter how hot and muggy the summer. Reversing the flow of refrigerant, the system provides heating as well. For severe winter weather, the furnace steps up.

For heat pump installation or replacement, contact Titan Heating & Air!

For heat pump and hybrid heating system installation, replacement, and the maintenance or repair of any make or model, Titan Heating & Air is your experienced source. We offer skilled service across Leighton, Tuscumbia, Muscle Shoals, Sheffield, Florence, Russellville, and Underwood-Petersville, AL. It’s essential to consult with an expert to ensure the reliability, longevity, and efficiency of your equipment.

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