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Save Thousands With Our Maintenance Plans


Keep Your Family Cool and Comfortable with our HVAC Service Plan!

Save MONEY on your utility bill while Extending the life of your HVAC system by joining our Titan 360 HVAC Maintenance program today!

Titan’s twice-a-year, 21-point inspection ensures your HVAC system is properly maintained while extending the life of your units and lowering the risk of system failure. We don’t cut corners when your family’s comfort is on the line!

What’s Included:

  • 10% off all repairs
  • Discounted after hours and call out rates
  • 10 Year FREE thermostat replacement warranty
  • Titan’s Premier 21-point HVAC system inspection (see more below)
Heat Pump/AC Tune-Up
  1. Check Thermostat Operation
  2. Check Filter; Replace/Wash as Needed
  3. Check Voltages
  4. Check All Wiring and Connections
  5. Check Starting Contactor
  6. Check Capacitors
  7. Measure Motor Amperages
  8. Check Operation of Unit Safety Controls
  9. Check Superheat/Subcooling
  10. Check Refrigerant Pressures
  11. Check Evaporator; Clean as Needed
  12. Check for Rubbing Refrigerant Lines
  13. Check and Clean Condenser Coil
  14. Check Air Temperature Across Evaporator Coil
  15. Lubricate Any Moving Parts
  16. Check Fan Blades for Cracks
  17. Check for Debris inside Condenser; Clean as Needed
  18. Check Condensate Drain or Pump
  19. Check Fuse Disconnects
  20. Check Condition of Ductwork
  21. Wax and Wash Unit
Furnace Tune-Up
  1. Check Thermostat Operation
  2. Check Filter; Replace/Wash as Needed
  3. Check for Gas Leaks at Furnace
  4. Clean Burners and Controls
  5. Check Safety Controls
  6. Check Flame Sensors; Clean as Needed
  7. Clean Equipment Interior
  8. Check Fan Control
  9. Check Blower Speed and Operation
  10. Check All Wiring and Connections
  11. Check Connections of Flue Pipe
  12. Check Ignition System
  13. Check Heat Exchanger
  14. Check Complete Furnace Cycle
  15. Lubricate All Moving Parts
  16. Check Pressure Switches and Vent Blower/Draft Inducer
  17. Check Temperature of Vent Air
  18. Check Air Temperature Across Furnace
  19. Check Condition of Ductwork
  20. Measure Carbon Monoxide
  21. Clean Equipment Exterior

Call us at (256) 577-5145 or message us to become a Titan 360° Member today!

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